My Childs Progress


Note: As Chatterbox now has moved onto actual Key Stage One learning, his progress will not be marked according to his skills but rather according to subjects, as a checklist to his curriculum.




Chatterbox has established an efficient pen/pencil grip.

He has good understanding and practice of how the lower case letter forms, sometimes on rare moments he forgets one here and there.

Has not done many spelling/phonic practice as he has been ill alot past few months occasionally, so instead he did alot of reading.  His reading skills are now at excellent level for his age I believe.

He can read almost anything, just struggling a little with new long words.  He understands most text that is written on a childrens level.

Chatterbox understands the term sentence and has an idea of the use of capital letters, full stops etc.

He has been practicing his reading and writing alot and is doing good progress.


Chatterbox can count 200 and maybe even beyond.  He can count backwards from 100.  He can write in numeric forms upto 50 wid ease and upto 100, with a tiny help.

He understands addition and subtraction sums and can do most mentally.  He doesnt require help from a number line etc to get his answers for his sums.  He has been introduced slightly to multiplications, through play.

Chatterbox understands time according to the hour.


Chatterbox has been through the following topics: Minibeasts, People that help us, Seasons, Ourselves, Where we Live.

He understands; five senses and knows the basic use requirements for a PC.


Chatterbox is on target with his curriculum, apart from the phonics and spellings, I’ll be ensuring in Term 2, that this is completed too.  For PE, Chatterbox goes to a weekly Taekwondo class, which he loves and where his friends go too.  His social skills have never been a problem.  He can make friends easily.  He goes four days in a week to Islamic school and a seperate once a week day for ‘playdate’.



Personal, Social and Emotional:                               

‘Chatterbox’ is advanced in his personal area of dressing, undressing, brushing teeth etc. He still yet has to learn to use the toilet independantly. He is a very socialable       child, loves making friends and gets on with everyone. He enjoys playing with others rather on his own and has a sense of love for his elders and teachers etc.

Communication, Language and Literacy:               

  ‘Chatterbox’ is a big talker at the moment. He loves explaining whats happened during his day etc. He enjoys listening to stories and at times attempts to re-tell them.  He can    write the alphabet, understands the phonics, and has learnt how to spell his name.  At the moment he is learning how to read and recogonise basic words. 

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:         

‘Chatterbox’ has developed his sense of problem solving through puzzles, games and play.  He can count upto 100, with small mistakes sometimes.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:         

‘Chatterbox’ understands that everything is a creation of Allah.  He understands how we are required to be good at all times, in order to attain Allahs pleasure.  He is very good with his IT skills, he knows how to use the mouse and knows how to use most of the keyboard.

Physical Development:                                           

‘Chatterbox’ is exploring his physical abilities through play at the moment.  For example; trying out new apparatus in a playground etc.  He is constantly challenging himself.  His sense of sport is developed through the modern Wii.  His understanding of healthy eating is poor at the moment.  Although he understands eating fruit and vegetables will help him ‘grow’, ‘Chatterbox’ finds it difficult to put into practice.  He is still being constantly encouraged to eat and eat well.  However success here is not always granted.



Personal, Social and Emotional

‘Chatterbox’ is becoming very imaginative in play and is now always telling long stories he made.  He understands what is expected of him behaviour wise and if need be how dicipline is practiced.  However, Mashallah he is still a well behaved boy.  His personality is becoming more and more energetic.  When friends come over to play, he can be quite authoritive in how they play.

Communication, Language and Literacy:

‘Chatterbox’ communication levels have expanded.  He shares with me his  personal experiences of the day, without me having to encourage him.  He understands instructions very well. 

He now knows the difference in upper and lower case of the alphabet and knows all the phonics.  However with his phonics he sometimes needs small reminders.  Now that he generally understands phonics, he is able to read more small words and if faced with a new word, he’ll use his learning of phonic building, to be able to read that word.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:

‘Chatterbox’ can now confidently count to 100 and attempts to count beyond too.  If he sees a door number for example, he knows what number it’ll be by joining the two numbers.  For example: 2 – 5, 25.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

Progress remains same.

Physical Development:

‘Chatterboxs’ understanding of healthy eating has grown just a little more.  However he is trying to eat his prescribed meals, whereas before he wasnt fond of eating at all.  He likes to help with preparing his food etc. 



Personal, Social and Emotional:

‘Chatterbox’ is becoming aware of other peoples feelings and emotions.  He enjoys playing with others.  He now understands the meaning of bored and always wants to be kept busy.  He wants to be independant in almost everything and is asking everyday when is he going to grow up.  He knows the days of the week and the seasons.

Communication, Language and Literacy:

‘Chatterbox’, immediately knows the phonic of whatever word is presented to him.  His vocabulary in reading and speaking has expanded and he is always asking the meaning of new words.

‘Chatterboxes’ speed of word recoginition has improved and now when presented with a new word, he doesnt always read it in a  step by step way according to its phonics.  But rather his mind allows him to read promptly.

I cathch him reading TV adverts, billboards, menus etc.  ALthough hes not an expert at reading all of them at all times, he is still pretty advanced.  In his Kipper and Biff reading set, he is on level 5 (total goes upto level 6) and even this he reads with not many prompts.

Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy:

‘Chatterbox’ can count to 200.  He is able to do basic addition and subtraction sums.  He is showing an interest in money and how it works, but has not yet picked it up.  He knows his basic shapes but not the _agon shapes.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

‘Chatterbox’ is exploring stories of the Prophets.  He has only done Prophet Adam and Nuh but is aware there are many more.  He understands many haram deeds.  Example: music, birthdays, saying rude words etc.  He also thinks its haram for me to be niqabless in public.

With Ramadan coming, he understands the concept of that now too.  He understands the longevity of the month, what times we allowed to eat and not and he understands Eid-Ul-Fitr comes after Ramadhan and that means its party time.

Physical Development:

‘Chatterbox’ is attempting more and more healthy eating options, but still not enough.

He has started Taekwondo classes and enjoys it very much, he thinks because of this and his healthy eating he has grown big muscles.


4 thoughts on “My Childs Progress

  1. As wr wb. Masha Allah its great to see Chatterbox progressing so well! Indeed home-schooling is a very rewarding experience. As a home-educator myself and having previously sent my children to Islamic schools before, I feel a sense of achievement when my kids re-iterate something they’ve learned without me realising it. I would recommend home-schooling to everyone, over Islamic-schooling because it gives the parent and child something that schooling cannot – that sense of achievement that I regularly feel. Though my children are quite a bit older than both Chatterbox and Terror, you blog has made me re-think a bit about the way in which my kids are learning. I started off with my first child doing many creative activities-we did many lapbooks and other bits and bobs that my second child was deprived of, even though she is the creative one out of the two. We are on a break at the moment, but insha Allah i intend to do a lot more creative work with them in the new academic year.

    Jazak Allah khayr for this blog. It remind me of when i first started home-schooling all those years ago! Keep up the good work insha Allah 🙂

    ws wr wb

    • WSWRWB

      Aww Jazakallah Khair Umm Suhaym. Very much appreciated. Indeed that is what I enjoy about it the most too, that sense of acheivement for us mothers, like the B&Q advert ‘I did that’, lol.

      I try to be creative with Chatterbox, but I have to say he hates art! He’d much rather write, so I guess thats good for me :p

      Anyway once again Jazakallah Khair for your lovely message.


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