Salam!  I am a mother to two boys:  ‘Chatterbox’ who is four years old and ‘Terror’ who is nineteen months old.  There nicknames tell you all there is to know about their personalities!

I started homeschooling roughly only six months ago  Hence further down the line, I decided to keep a record of all my progress and experiences, through the help of blogging.

We all know homeschooling is not the easy option of education. However, inshallah, I am determined to make it work and in order to do so, I have opened this page to help me along the way. I hope through sharing my milestones, I will become more and more motivated towards this rewarding task. Please feel free to give me your input of any kind inshallah. Jazakallahu Khair.

Why Homeschool?
As a Muslim mother, I believe that the school of a child starts from the home; from her mothers lap.  From the day of birth, the newborn child is looking at her mother picking up things from her, whether that may be a frown or a smile.  We become role models for our children, from the very start.  Hence the learning institution also starts from home for the child and I believe this is the best school.

In todays ‘modern’ times, I see the increase of ‘working mothers’, where the age of the child, of the mother returning to work, is getting younger and younger.  I have heard of mothers returning to work, from the early age of their child being just six months!  To me, this is shocking and sad.  Such mothers are becoming ‘bedtime and weekend mothers,’ only.  As, by the time ones work is finished, it is their childs bedtime.  So the only time, ‘working mothers’, are full time mothers is the weekend.  Therefore they are happy to be full time working mothers, but not THE full time mother, in itself.  They being locked up at home, with their own loved ones is depressing and they feel cooped up.  But being locked up in an office with strangers, is perfectly fine and liberating!

This indeed is very sad, as everyone knows no matter how much money one is given, that money will never return them those precious moments with their child.

Therefore one of my reasons for choosing homeschooling (and I pray Allah swt makes me successful in it) is to be fully included in their life and their learning.  The other reason and indeed perhaps the most important, is whilst living in a non- Islamic state world, I do not know of any school or institute out there, that can provide my child with not only THE best education, but also for it to be free from any westernised or kufr concepts.

Sex Education, Romeo and Juliet, The big bang theory, Evolution etc, are all part of the childs obligatory curriculum in school.  And recently I discovered the following documentary: 5 year olds classroom, where children are swearing and talking sexually to fellow classmates and the teacher does not find it shocking at all!  Do click that link, as it is the summary to all my above and a must see, for all parents who are concerned for their children welfare.  Before I watched this documentary, I was thinking homeschooling over.  Although it was always something I looked upto.  As I believe only the fully commited mother, will be able to do such a rewarding task.  But after seeing the documentary (above), I became firm in my decision.

I pray Allah swt helps me in this road of motherhood, along with other roles of being a muslimah, for His swt sake alone.  And I pray I remain firm and strong.  Ameen.


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