Marhaban Ya Ramadan

Salam! Alhamdulillah the blessed month of Ramadan is here. The month which is enjoyed by all, elders and youngsters.

I remember as a child, enjoying just the simple rush of ramadan. Hearing the noise at suhoor time, the smells of yummy food being cooked during the day, the exchange of gifts of dates between family and friends etc. All simple things, but the best little things.

All these little things, become great memories when we’re older. Now alhamdulillah it is my turn! I am the mother this time waking everyone up for suhoor, I am the mother this time getting suhoor and iftar, everything ready. Where once I was a child-enjoying playing and watching the ramadan rush go on. Now it is my childrens turn to witness the same, subhanallah.

So I wanted to do things a little different. I wanted my children to be a little more involved than to just watch. I wanted them to understand what Ramadan is to us and I wanted them to enjoy it as a special month, something that from now on they’ll eagerly wait for every year inshallah.

I didnt do anything spectacular, dont get me wrong. Especially as I havent been well at the same time.

I did however decide to start things off by making a Ramadan Calendar. Where the kids could not only count how many days left for eid, but also have some sort of task to do every day of Ramadan.

Nowadays you can buy them locally, but I thought to actually make one shows more love and personality. So off I went:


For the board I used a parcel box, where I cut off its lid and base and stuck them together for strength. Covered it in a large blue sugared paper.
Made the Ramadan title from card cut out as bunting shapes and then each stamped with the letter , using gold and silver paint. I initially wanted to actually string all the bunting before glueing, but the string was somewhere in the kids room, so didnt want to wake them. Next i cut out cards and covered them in patterned wrapping paper or yellow tissue paper, some had blank backgrounds and coloured/patterned numbers instead.
Then I pinned them all down in the corner of each square, so when revealing a square tile comes all that has to be done is turn it open.

I did little by little every day and in the end it still wasnt utterly completely done :s, but done enough to start Ramadan off. So voila:

So on the first day of Ramadan I placed it in the boys room, with a tiny slight presentation and also Ramadan gifts for them both! Chatterbox got the ‘Seerah Trail’ puzzle and Tiger, one of his favourites- a fire engine that goes round the room itself with bubbles coming out at the same time! (Tiger is bubbles mad). (Tigers gift was boxed and everything but his claws got in before the picture did):


Chatterbox was very excited to see it all, as it was a complete surprise for him (he didnt know every night whilst he was sleeping I was making the calendar lol). So off he went and started his Ramadan off:


His first task for day one was to make a card. We decided to make one for our next door neighbour, so at the same time this taught him duty towards our neighbours etc. And to be honest we do so every year anyway. Here is the card he made:


His Abu went to get some small gifts to go along with it. Here we taught him about gifts in Islam, how its rewardable as its the sunnah and explained what sunnah means:



Chatterbox went off with his Abu and gave the card and gifts to next door ( was upset I missed that photo shot).

The next day Chatterbox got this from next door:



Chatterbox was very chuffed with the card and happy with his first day of Ramadan this year, alhamdulillah!

Keep your eyes on my facebook page to see the daily calendar task reveal.

Take care sisters and enjoy your Ramadan!


How Time Flies….

Salam Sisters!  Subhanallah its been a while since I’ve come here.  Apologies to those who have been waiting for a new update and have been left disappointed.  In this past month for two weeks, Chatterbox was ill and so homeschooling was completely off :(.  The next two weeks, something possessed us to go into B&Q and buy loads of paint etc to redecorate our whole home!  We was only meant to get damp concealer paint and ended up buying more or less the whole store (not literally ofcourse).  We are now STILL in the process of finishing decor.

Anyhoo, apart from that… my baby – Chatterbox, turned five years old this week!  How time flies, hey?  Alhamdulillah.  I am now in the process of slowly getting back into the vibe of homeschooling, am very disappointed in myself, that have been off for so long!  Ofcourse this is inevitable for homeschoolers I know, so I really shouldnt be!

I realised during this month of not homeschooling, that its ok to take a breather once in a while.  No point homeschooling if your getting stressed and frazzled, you’ll only do more damage than actually acheive in teaching something.  Ofcourse we are not like regular teachers.  Whilst teaching, at the same time we are cooking, cleaning, yelling at our kids etc.  So what do we do at such a time, where we feel we need a break?  Answer is simple: dont stress!  Just go with the flow.  Take a break!

Here are some of the things I did during the month of not homeschooling:

*make him read, in the kitchen with me, whilst I cooked/cleaned

*made him to draw stuff and explain his imagination to me, allowing him to make a story in his head

*help around the house a little more

*Tiger wanted to watch ‘Thomas the tank engine’ dvd, so I thought hmm how shall I adapt that for Chatterbox…. I put the subtitles on!  He was watching a cartoon whilst reading aswell!  Alhamdulillah he was so concentrated on the reading, he noticed how the narration was missing some words out etc



So thats, that for now.  Inshallah now I am slowly getting back into the flow of homeschooling.  It has been a while, so because of that I’m not leaping straight back into my usual routine and rather I’m taking things slowly.  Inshallah keep your eyes peeled on this space.

Also if you havent joined my fb page yet, please do!  You’ll know through thier when I’ve posted a new post etc, thus saving you from keep on checking and I also post up my resource/sites recommendations etc.

So take care sisters and inshallah catch up soon!


Tiger Time!

Salam!  So my blog is called My Kids Homeschool, but its all about Chatterbox!  Tiger is only 2 years old now, before as he was younger and because its a play age-theres not really much I can blog about.  Now alhamdulillah as hes hit 2 years, hes starting to get more interested in learning.  Finally!  (I say finally as my Chatterbox by the age of 2 years, knew all his arabic alphabet, english alphabet, numbers to 10, his first attempt at a puzzle was a 20 piece-which came out right etc etc.  So alhamdulillah Chatterbox was much more advanced.  But yes I know we should never compare kids, each one is different and shine in different ways 🙂 ).

So one thing Tiger has gained an interest in very recently, is jigsaw puzzles.  We’ve got sooo many at home, that hes been trying to put together but I think were too difficult for him.  The smallest jigsaw puzzle we got home is 5 pieces, so I went on to the Early Learning Centre website to look for a more basic one.  Alhamdulillah i found one with 3 pieces and from £6 was now priced as half price- £3!

When this parcel arrived, Tiger got at it straight away!  Alhamdulillah he did well!  He now still attempts harder puzzles, whether its a 5 piece or 20 piece!  (but he only gets a few pieces correct).



Another thing Tiger has learnt are his numbers from 1-10 (well there are odd days he forgets or mixes, but generally he knows).  He knows how to say Alif, Baa, Taa and recogonises them.  He also attempted to write them the other day.  He said the following is ALif, Baa, Taa.  Personally I can only see the Baa :s :



Tiger now recognises all his relations with family and if you have a converstaion with him, most the time he knows what your talking about and responds correctly (in his baby english).  He has also gained a massive interest in reading, his favourite at the moment ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’ (he attempts to read along when I read it to him):


So there you go, finally something to read about Tiger!


My next post (inshallah in the next few days), will be about Chatterboxes ‘Quarterly Year Update- in the ‘My Childs Progress’ section’.  So keep your eyes peeled for that inshallah.

Take care all!


Last week was ”Minibeast’ week.  As part of the National Curriculum guidelines, this is one of the themes a Key Stage one teacher could go through with their pupils, or in my case my child. 🙂

Chatterbox started this off by reading a non fiction book about ‘Bugs’.  (If you are a member of my Facebook page, you would know which one I’m talking about.  If you are not then please do!  As sometimes some updates, pictures etc are shared there).

Anyhoo!  After he finished reading (which he loves, alhamdulillah).  He explained to me the roles of each bug, ie: bee, worm, ladybird etc.  He then made these bugs using tissue rolls:

Bee: tissue roll wrapped in tissue paper, pipecleaners used for wings and antennae:


Ladybird: tissue roll painted and pipecleaners used for antennae:


We then talked about where we usually find them and why and made all the following:

A paper plate was painted as a flower as this is where the bee collects pollen etc (Chatterbox narrated it all to me himself):


For the ladybird, we cut out a leaf shape from the paper plate, then covered it with tissue paper.  Added string to give it an effect and then Chatterbox suggested we add mini bugs on the leaf, apparently called Aphids, he said lol.  As thats what ladybirds eat.


Then he copied sentences from the ‘Bug’ book, that he understood:



Then we assembled it all together for display work:




Couple days later, it was Farm Time!  A local farm was running some free workshops for Key Stage One on: ‘Soil and Minibeasts’.  Ofcourse it was perfect for my theme of the week and also local, soooo we went (as a homeschooling group-with other mothers)!

Alhamdulillah it was very good, all the children enjoyed themselves and learnt about the soil and mainly worms.  They learnt about different types of soils how they benefit us, why are worms important to us and other mini beasts etc.  Example, a worm feeds the roots nutrients, a ladybird eats the crop bugs so they protect our plants, the cycle of how a chicken eats a worm etc etc.  Below is a range of photos showing all this and our time at the farm.  I have to say though it was verryyyy cold.

Looking at soil, talking about its colour texture etc:




Looked at some animals:



The kids were a given the task to dig and search for any worms.  A worm in the soil means its healthy soil for the plants:


Chatterbox found one!



Then we walked further on and the farmer lifted a log up for the kids, to see what minibeasts they could find there:



Was shown where the bees lived, but thankfully none wanted to say hello:



Shown how some plants grow better in the warmth, protected:



At the end of the day the kids made a minibeast hotel, from a bottle, straw and cardpaper.  This was to be hanged outside at home:


Next day it was baking time!



Tiger wanted to join in then but then didnt like it:


Ofcourse Abu wanted a turn too!




All done and time to put in oven:


After they cooked, it was decorating time!






Much awaited tasting time!  they didnt get a chance to comment wilst their mouths were full:



Take care sisters! Salam!

Life and Living


We’ve been going through science this week, linking it to English and Islam too!  Firstly we did two more names of Allah, to add to his scrapbook.  He started off by reading about Al Samee:

He then implemented it into the scrapbook.  I have to say I searched everywhere for a colour in to print out, but couldnt find one anywhere on Al Samee, so its important to point out – I WROTE/DRAWED THAT, all by myself! :p 😀  Sorry abit too chuffed, i know… :s

He did some reading on living and non living, understanding how Allah gives us everything, and how everything has a beginning and an end.

I photocopied these from my ‘CGP Science Book.’  However I covered up the part, that all living things reproduce:

Then he linked it to the name of Allah, AL Muhyee-the Giver of life.  He cut out pictures from greetings cards and the catalogue, in which he thought was counted as a living thing (and he was right!).

Later throughout the week we went for an Autumn walk, where Chatterbox collected leaves, came home and he made this:

I have to say Chatterbox hasnt got much imagination in regards to Art, he needs constant prompting.  So for this task I decided to not interfere, as I want him to improve in his Art department.  It was very hard to not direct him or if yo like interfere, but I managed it by staying in the kitchen!  Voila, it was a success:

We linked the work of ‘Autumn’ and ‘Living’, by doing some work on ‘Lifecycle of a Butterfly’.  I thought he would get it muddled up, but he didn’t!  He remembered how the story went from ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.  Maybe I underestimate him sometimes, hmm….

Then we collaborated it onto a large coloured paper, where Chatterbox learned about ‘Symmetry’ and ‘Mosaic’ patterns (that butterflies have).  He also thought up a small story (by himself) about the Lifecycle of a Butterfly.  He wrote it himself, but needed help with spellings:

Inshallah, next week will be ‘Minibeasts’ week, so keep your bug eyes peeled on this space!


A,B,C….Easy as 1,2,3…. As simple as My Body!

NOTE: For some reason, wordpress picture rotate feature was not working, so had to upload pictures as they were.  I’ll attempt to rotate again sometime, to see if works.


Salam! Yes I know, where was I?!  I’ve had problems with pic uploading, believe it or not?!  So I guess I have alot of making up to do.  Thus, heres a nice, long post :p. Enjoy!

Throughout the past few weeks, initially we did more letter formation practice and one of the methods I chose that week was… Play Doh!

Then he did number writing practice, using the Alphablocks he got from a Cbeebies magazine, which I find very cute!

Chatterbox did some double figured adding.  He could do most using his head or hands and the ones he couldnt he used some bricks.

Chatterbox very easily gets bored.  He was moaning one day about it, so I sent him outside (front doorstep) with roll of paper and crayons and told him to draw what he could see.  He came back with this:

Terror decided to join in, whilst dressed as Chatterbox (with his hat):

Next week, we did work on Al-Khaliq. Once all/majority of Allahs names are done, they will be turned into a book eventually inshallah:

He did some reading about Al-Khaliq:

He made a poster, where he had to draw ten items that he can think of that Allah has created, he came up with the title himself:

Thats the end of the that week, I have to say inbetween all this work I show he does lots of reading, writing, worksheets, learning play etc- so it never just ends there.

Following week, I thought its Science time!  So decided to start from Chatterbox himself, with his body.  We started by getting a big sheet of paper, and his Abu drawed around him, Terror found it hilarious for some reason:

Terror got into copy mode again:

Chatterbox drawed on the body parts, such as eyes etc, then labelled them all:

I had planned to teach him five senses next.  I assumed he nver knew nothing about it, but when I tested him with a ‘match the words activity, he got them all right!  So, that was my lesson plan out the window!

Terror joined in with recogonising his body parts too, following is when I asked him wheres nose:
He calls hands- hass, mouth- muth, nose-nohz, hair-haa, eyes- ehz, ears-airs, lol.
And I guess thats that!  Oh and EID MUBARAK!

Long and Slow

Salam Sisters!  Its been a long time, since I’ve made a ‘Diary’ post.  These past few weeks have been a little busy due to two newborn nephews arriving to this world, alhamdulillah.  So have been busy with loving them, their Aqeeqahs etc.

Anyway….. I started my homeschooling last week.  However we all just been through flu/fever, in our household, so it wasnt full on. So therefore, its been a long and slow week, here is how we got on….

During the holidays, we were all busy with Ramadhan and Eid, so, as a back to school activity, I thought it will be wise to reflect on that and make a craft: ‘My Eid’-mobile.

First of all, Chatterbox spoke about the key points of what happened on Eid. We then turned it into a mobile that he could hang in his room.  He painted some paper plates first and as they dried he did assisted writing of what happened on Eid.  He then made matching pictures.  On one side of the plate was the story caption and the other side a matching picture.  We attatched them all to a string and voila:

Chatterbox also did lower case letter writing practice (whole alphabet):

For Islamic Studies, where I combined some Maths and English and even Science if you like :p, we went through one of Allahs names: Al Ahad.  We looked at the meaning of surah Ikhlaas:

Then Chatterbox read about the oneness of Allah, himself:

He became shocked to know, that Allah does not need rest, lol:

Then, to finish it off, he summarised all his discoveries onto coloured paper:

And, thats the summary for LAST week! Chow! xx

Yay! My Goodies Are Here!

Alhamdulillah my much awaited teaching goodies have arrived!  It’s nothing speactacular, but the a2 sugar paper- reminds me of my school days, the CGP study books for Key Stage One, will assist me in what to teach etc and the word dominoes are just so cute!!

I got a bulk of A2 sugar paper from ebay, for around £22.  The CGP study books are from Waterstone, at just under £5 each and the Word Builder- Word Dominoes were just under £15 and the Sentence builder, were just under £20.

Althugh Chatterbox is in reception year, these books are from year 1 onwards.  However, Alhamdulillah Chatterbox is little advanced in some areas, so I will be able to use some bits from here and it will also serve as a guide for me as what he should be working towards.

My favourite is the ‘word dominoes’, i just think its a good investment if you have niyyah to homeschool other children etc too.  I ordered two sets, one of them is a word builder and the other a sentence builder.  According to the tub, its from age 6+, but I reckon they will be fine for Chatterbox Inshallah.

Chatterbox plays with the word dominoes, when I’m busy and when he needs to entertain himself.  It helps with his independant working skills, and he will learn to use his own initiative, let alone spellings, sentence rules etc!  Tis totally cool!

Hmmm, what to order next?????  *rolls eyes* 😀


Salam. I was looking so forward to finishing off ‘Chatterboxes’ poster phonic work. He finished it ages ago but forgot to blog it! Oops. Khair, here’s his finished masterpiece, covering up his bedroom feature wall :/

Relaxed Holidays

Salam ladies. I’ve been very relaxed towards schooling, blogging etc, during the school holidays. Don’t really know if that’s a good thing or not. :s. Just been recapping work with ‘Chatterbox’, rather than starting new concepts, I think that will be best when his year 1 schooling starts in September. Eek! Quite nervous about that.

Ramadhan is fast approaching and so after talking about it to Chatterbox, he made a little craft to welcome ramadhan. A stained glass window-happy ramadhan:

We used a black A4 foam paper, where I scored out the pattern of a mosque using a DIY knife.  Then all we did was glue on some tissue paper, allowing it to overlap eachother to create an effect.