Marhaban Ya Ramadan

Salam! Alhamdulillah the blessed month of Ramadan is here. The month which is enjoyed by all, elders and youngsters.

I remember as a child, enjoying just the simple rush of ramadan. Hearing the noise at suhoor time, the smells of yummy food being cooked during the day, the exchange of gifts of dates between family and friends etc. All simple things, but the best little things.

All these little things, become great memories when we’re older. Now alhamdulillah it is my turn! I am the mother this time waking everyone up for suhoor, I am the mother this time getting suhoor and iftar, everything ready. Where once I was a child-enjoying playing and watching the ramadan rush go on. Now it is my childrens turn to witness the same, subhanallah.

So I wanted to do things a little different. I wanted my children to be a little more involved than to just watch. I wanted them to understand what Ramadan is to us and I wanted them to enjoy it as a special month, something that from now on they’ll eagerly wait for every year inshallah.

I didnt do anything spectacular, dont get me wrong. Especially as I havent been well at the same time.

I did however decide to start things off by making a Ramadan Calendar. Where the kids could not only count how many days left for eid, but also have some sort of task to do every day of Ramadan.

Nowadays you can buy them locally, but I thought to actually make one shows more love and personality. So off I went:


For the board I used a parcel box, where I cut off its lid and base and stuck them together for strength. Covered it in a large blue sugared paper.
Made the Ramadan title from card cut out as bunting shapes and then each stamped with the letter , using gold and silver paint. I initially wanted to actually string all the bunting before glueing, but the string was somewhere in the kids room, so didnt want to wake them. Next i cut out cards and covered them in patterned wrapping paper or yellow tissue paper, some had blank backgrounds and coloured/patterned numbers instead.
Then I pinned them all down in the corner of each square, so when revealing a square tile comes all that has to be done is turn it open.

I did little by little every day and in the end it still wasnt utterly completely done :s, but done enough to start Ramadan off. So voila:

So on the first day of Ramadan I placed it in the boys room, with a tiny slight presentation and also Ramadan gifts for them both! Chatterbox got the ‘Seerah Trail’ puzzle and Tiger, one of his favourites- a fire engine that goes round the room itself with bubbles coming out at the same time! (Tiger is bubbles mad). (Tigers gift was boxed and everything but his claws got in before the picture did):


Chatterbox was very excited to see it all, as it was a complete surprise for him (he didnt know every night whilst he was sleeping I was making the calendar lol). So off he went and started his Ramadan off:


His first task for day one was to make a card. We decided to make one for our next door neighbour, so at the same time this taught him duty towards our neighbours etc. And to be honest we do so every year anyway. Here is the card he made:


His Abu went to get some small gifts to go along with it. Here we taught him about gifts in Islam, how its rewardable as its the sunnah and explained what sunnah means:



Chatterbox went off with his Abu and gave the card and gifts to next door ( was upset I missed that photo shot).

The next day Chatterbox got this from next door:



Chatterbox was very chuffed with the card and happy with his first day of Ramadan this year, alhamdulillah!

Keep your eyes on my facebook page to see the daily calendar task reveal.

Take care sisters and enjoy your Ramadan!


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