Eyes Peeled For Deals

Salam sisters! I wanted to share with you, just a small selection of stuff I’ve bought from pound stores!
Yes, I know for some people its a shop that makes them embarassed or cringe, but personally I dont see why?! Why get something for much expensive if you can get the same for cheaper?!
Everytime we need something in stationary, homeware etc, I’m known to my hub to say ‘oh lets first check poundland.’ He always rolls his eyes.
So, anyhoo, if you ever need stuff like paper, pens, glue etc, I suggest always check pound stores first , you can usually get good stuff there. However aside from stationary, I have also bought a good share of other teaching goodies; learning puzzles, posters, books etc! Here is just a few of my favorite stuff I got here and there.

Word games:



Cute tinned snap cards:


Stickers (came in a pack of 1000+, but I used most of them up):


Large glossy posters (I dont have these stuck around everywhere, as I dont like too much clutter on walls. I just use them as ‘table talk’ on a new topic):


Calendar poster (this is my favourite. Ive seen many homeschoolers use so many different methods of calendar time, to start off their homeschooling day. I simply stuck this on the wall and because its glossy- each day, Chatterbox just circles the date etc with a wipeable marker, you could also stick on a magnetic surface and use magnets):


Reward Chart (again part of the glossy posters range, so I just use a wipeable marker) If stars total to 50+ each week, he gets a prize gift:


Thats, that! See you again soon!


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