Tiger Time!

Salam!  So my blog is called My Kids Homeschool, but its all about Chatterbox!  Tiger is only 2 years old now, before as he was younger and because its a play age-theres not really much I can blog about.  Now alhamdulillah as hes hit 2 years, hes starting to get more interested in learning.  Finally!  (I say finally as my Chatterbox by the age of 2 years, knew all his arabic alphabet, english alphabet, numbers to 10, his first attempt at a puzzle was a 20 piece-which came out right etc etc.  So alhamdulillah Chatterbox was much more advanced.  But yes I know we should never compare kids, each one is different and shine in different ways 🙂 ).

So one thing Tiger has gained an interest in very recently, is jigsaw puzzles.  We’ve got sooo many at home, that hes been trying to put together but I think were too difficult for him.  The smallest jigsaw puzzle we got home is 5 pieces, so I went on to the Early Learning Centre website to look for a more basic one.  Alhamdulillah i found one with 3 pieces and from £6 was now priced as half price- £3!

When this parcel arrived, Tiger got at it straight away!  Alhamdulillah he did well!  He now still attempts harder puzzles, whether its a 5 piece or 20 piece!  (but he only gets a few pieces correct).



Another thing Tiger has learnt are his numbers from 1-10 (well there are odd days he forgets or mixes, but generally he knows).  He knows how to say Alif, Baa, Taa and recogonises them.  He also attempted to write them the other day.  He said the following is ALif, Baa, Taa.  Personally I can only see the Baa :s :



Tiger now recognises all his relations with family and if you have a converstaion with him, most the time he knows what your talking about and responds correctly (in his baby english).  He has also gained a massive interest in reading, his favourite at the moment ‘Here we go round the Mulberry Bush’ (he attempts to read along when I read it to him):


So there you go, finally something to read about Tiger!


My next post (inshallah in the next few days), will be about Chatterboxes ‘Quarterly Year Update- in the ‘My Childs Progress’ section’.  So keep your eyes peeled for that inshallah.

Take care all!


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