Life and Living


We’ve been going through science this week, linking it to English and Islam too!  Firstly we did two more names of Allah, to add to his scrapbook.  He started off by reading about Al Samee:

He then implemented it into the scrapbook.  I have to say I searched everywhere for a colour in to print out, but couldnt find one anywhere on Al Samee, so its important to point out – I WROTE/DRAWED THAT, all by myself! :p 😀  Sorry abit too chuffed, i know… :s

He did some reading on living and non living, understanding how Allah gives us everything, and how everything has a beginning and an end.

I photocopied these from my ‘CGP Science Book.’  However I covered up the part, that all living things reproduce:

Then he linked it to the name of Allah, AL Muhyee-the Giver of life.  He cut out pictures from greetings cards and the catalogue, in which he thought was counted as a living thing (and he was right!).

Later throughout the week we went for an Autumn walk, where Chatterbox collected leaves, came home and he made this:

I have to say Chatterbox hasnt got much imagination in regards to Art, he needs constant prompting.  So for this task I decided to not interfere, as I want him to improve in his Art department.  It was very hard to not direct him or if yo like interfere, but I managed it by staying in the kitchen!  Voila, it was a success:

We linked the work of ‘Autumn’ and ‘Living’, by doing some work on ‘Lifecycle of a Butterfly’.  I thought he would get it muddled up, but he didn’t!  He remembered how the story went from ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.  Maybe I underestimate him sometimes, hmm….

Then we collaborated it onto a large coloured paper, where Chatterbox learned about ‘Symmetry’ and ‘Mosaic’ patterns (that butterflies have).  He also thought up a small story (by himself) about the Lifecycle of a Butterfly.  He wrote it himself, but needed help with spellings:

Inshallah, next week will be ‘Minibeasts’ week, so keep your bug eyes peeled on this space!



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