A,B,C….Easy as 1,2,3…. As simple as My Body!

NOTE: For some reason, wordpress picture rotate feature was not working, so had to upload pictures as they were.  I’ll attempt to rotate again sometime, to see if works.


Salam! Yes I know, where was I?!  I’ve had problems with pic uploading, believe it or not?!  So I guess I have alot of making up to do.  Thus, heres a nice, long post :p. Enjoy!

Throughout the past few weeks, initially we did more letter formation practice and one of the methods I chose that week was… Play Doh!

Then he did number writing practice, using the Alphablocks he got from a Cbeebies magazine, which I find very cute!

Chatterbox did some double figured adding.  He could do most using his head or hands and the ones he couldnt he used some bricks.

Chatterbox very easily gets bored.  He was moaning one day about it, so I sent him outside (front doorstep) with roll of paper and crayons and told him to draw what he could see.  He came back with this:

Terror decided to join in, whilst dressed as Chatterbox (with his hat):

Next week, we did work on Al-Khaliq. Once all/majority of Allahs names are done, they will be turned into a book eventually inshallah:

He did some reading about Al-Khaliq:

He made a poster, where he had to draw ten items that he can think of that Allah has created, he came up with the title himself:

Thats the end of the that week, I have to say inbetween all this work I show he does lots of reading, writing, worksheets, learning play etc- so it never just ends there.

Following week, I thought its Science time!  So decided to start from Chatterbox himself, with his body.  We started by getting a big sheet of paper, and his Abu drawed around him, Terror found it hilarious for some reason:

Terror got into copy mode again:

Chatterbox drawed on the body parts, such as eyes etc, then labelled them all:

I had planned to teach him five senses next.  I assumed he nver knew nothing about it, but when I tested him with a ‘match the words activity, he got them all right!  So, that was my lesson plan out the window!

Terror joined in with recogonising his body parts too, following is when I asked him wheres nose:
He calls hands- hass, mouth- muth, nose-nohz, hair-haa, eyes- ehz, ears-airs, lol.
And I guess thats that!  Oh and EID MUBARAK!


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