Long and Slow

Salam Sisters!  Its been a long time, since I’ve made a ‘Diary’ post.  These past few weeks have been a little busy due to two newborn nephews arriving to this world, alhamdulillah.  So have been busy with loving them, their Aqeeqahs etc.

Anyway….. I started my homeschooling last week.  However we all just been through flu/fever, in our household, so it wasnt full on. So therefore, its been a long and slow week, here is how we got on….

During the holidays, we were all busy with Ramadhan and Eid, so, as a back to school activity, I thought it will be wise to reflect on that and make a craft: ‘My Eid’-mobile.

First of all, Chatterbox spoke about the key points of what happened on Eid. We then turned it into a mobile that he could hang in his room.  He painted some paper plates first and as they dried he did assisted writing of what happened on Eid.  He then made matching pictures.  On one side of the plate was the story caption and the other side a matching picture.  We attatched them all to a string and voila:

Chatterbox also did lower case letter writing practice (whole alphabet):

For Islamic Studies, where I combined some Maths and English and even Science if you like :p, we went through one of Allahs names: Al Ahad.  We looked at the meaning of surah Ikhlaas:

Then Chatterbox read about the oneness of Allah, himself:

He became shocked to know, that Allah does not need rest, lol:

Then, to finish it off, he summarised all his discoveries onto coloured paper:

And, thats the summary for LAST week! Chow! xx


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