Yay! My Goodies Are Here!

Alhamdulillah my much awaited teaching goodies have arrived!  It’s nothing speactacular, but the a2 sugar paper- reminds me of my school days, the CGP study books for Key Stage One, will assist me in what to teach etc and the word dominoes are just so cute!!

I got a bulk of A2 sugar paper from ebay, for around £22.  The CGP study books are from Waterstone, at just under £5 each and the Word Builder- Word Dominoes were just under £15 and the Sentence builder, were just under £20.

Althugh Chatterbox is in reception year, these books are from year 1 onwards.  However, Alhamdulillah Chatterbox is little advanced in some areas, so I will be able to use some bits from here and it will also serve as a guide for me as what he should be working towards.

My favourite is the ‘word dominoes’, i just think its a good investment if you have niyyah to homeschool other children etc too.  I ordered two sets, one of them is a word builder and the other a sentence builder.  According to the tub, its from age 6+, but I reckon they will be fine for Chatterbox Inshallah.

Chatterbox plays with the word dominoes, when I’m busy and when he needs to entertain himself.  It helps with his independant working skills, and he will learn to use his own initiative, let alone spellings, sentence rules etc!  Tis totally cool!

Hmmm, what to order next?????  *rolls eyes* 😀


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