Book Reviews


One of the most important thing towards the learning of a child, is reading!  For a toddler, like Terror, short, sweet, funny and bright books are good, as all the colours and small words will keep him engaged.  As for Chatterbox, he is able to read little longer stories than basic.

When I first started homeschooling, Islamic reading books were infact my first buy for Chatterbox’s schooling and I was very excited when I did receive my order!  I’m aware that some of you lovely ladies, whether homeschooling or not, have been wondering on ‘which book is best?’  So I thought inshallah I’ll do a post on ‘Book Reviews.’  So, here it goes:


TITLE:  Goodnight Stories from Life Of Prophet Muhammad

AUTHOR: Saniyasnain Khan


OTHER TITLES IN SERIES: Goodnight Stories From the Qur’an

My View: Its a nice hard backed book, with soft illustrations and colours.  It has good size font and not too much is cramped onto one page. The stories are nicely written but I think are a little long, as I notice Chatterbox eventually loses interest in it.  I dont know if thats the whole point though?!  So that it puts child to sleep???  In my opinion, suitable for 5+years.


TITLE: The Boy And The Biggest Statue

AUTHOR: Mizanur Rahman

PUBLISHER: Happy Books

OTHER TITLES IN SERIES: The Adventures Of Sulayman, The Wall Of Dhul Qarnayn

MY VIEW: Nice, softly drawn pictures and colours.  Text clear and bold, good for early independant readers.  Has slight rhyming, good for phonic building.  Stories written in easy understanding.  In my opinion suitable for 4+years.


TITLE: I Can Say Bismillah Anywhere!

AUTHOR: Yasmin Ibrahim

PUBLISHER: The Islamic Foundation

OTHER TITLES IN SERIES: I Can Make Du’a Anywhere, I Can Read Qur’an Anywhere, I Can Pray Anywhere.

MY VIEW: Bright, bold drawings.  Text I like alot as its very clear, bold and good size.  This story range I love, because the story is teaching basic understanding of Islam, how its part of our lives always.  Its a good read for early readers and good read for sharing reading.  In my opinion good age is 2+ years.


TITLE: What Do We Say…

AUTHOR: Noorah Kathryn Abdullah

PUBLISHER: The Islamic Foundation

MY VIEW: I love everything about this book; the drawings, the text, the outline of the story, the teachings etc.  Its a very basic du’a book, in a non-boring way.  The drawings are cute and the text is to the point and informative.  The book is also of high quality, hardback cover, quality pages and colour etc.  Very cute as a gift!  Ideal age in my opinion: 1+years.


TITLE: My Mum Is A Wonder

AUTHOR: Michele Messaoudi

PUBLISHER: The Islamic Foundation

MY VIEW: Chatterbox and I both love this book!  It teaches such good morals and love for the mother.  The last page emphasises how when the child grows up, its his turn to look after the Mother; Chatterbox always ends up saying: ‘Mimi, when are you going to get old, so I can look after you.’ Im like: hmm, not sure about the old bit.  Hardback cover, soft colours and pictures.  So basicallly lovely book and good quality.


TITLE: A To Z Of Akhlaaq

AUTHOR: none shown


MY VIEW: Was quite disappointed with this book.  Although it has cute pictures and the idea of a A-Z adaab book was good, I feel this book can be confusing to a child due to its inconsistency.  An A-Z book is usually there to simplify things, but this seems to make it little more confusing.  As you can see in the picture above, instead of explaining what the word Akhlaaq means, they throw in another unknown, difficult word ‘Siraatul Mustaqeem.’  Also, on the page above for example, they got an arabic word (akhlaaq) but for the letter B they have an english word (‘backbiting’), I feel as if it should be one or the other.


TITLE: Brother Dawah

AUTHOR: H B Sahibzada


MY VIEW: Cute little books, made in style of the ‘Mr Men’ books.  Teaches good manners etc in a Muslim.  Clear text, cute pictures.  Suitable age my opinion: 4 years independant reading.




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