Jazakallah Khair for Everyones Support!


I feel very chuffed that in the competition of ‘Circle of Moms Top 25 Homeschooling Blogs’, I have come position 190, in a list of 218!

Firstly I only signed up my blog for the list, just to see if it would even come up.  Next day I was googling some homeschool blogs, falling upon this list.  Where I surprisingly saw my blogs name, which had already received 19 votes!

Usually the way to this competition is you advertise it to people to vote for you and I did not do that at this point, because I didn’t even know I was up!  So BIG jazakallahs to those who voted then!  My secret admirers! ;).

This competition was 3 weeks long, so majority of the bloggers encouraged their ‘fans’ to vote everyday since then.  I only managed to get on list for the last two days of the competition, hence the result.

The top 25 got a award badge for there sites, however im more than happy to use my result as an award for me.

New to homeschooling and new to blogging, so if I do so say so myself, excellent result!!!  And its all down to you voters and supporters, Jazakallah Khair!

Toodles and Salams xxx


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