Grilled Chicken With Mint/Chilli Dressed New Potatoes


This recipe is becoming a family favourite, for children just leave out the chilli.  Its a perfect dish for a hot summers day as its quite light and refreshing.  You can serve as above or chop the chicken up and actully mix it up with the potatoes, as a salad.  Even if your not a fan of mint (like me), inshallah you wont mind it with this dish.


*Chicken Breast (1 piece)

*Tandoori Paste (1 tbsp)

*Hot Pepper Sauce (good splash)

*Coriander Powder (1 tsp)

*New Potatoes (1 Tin)

*Mint Sauce (1 Tbsp)

*Green Chilli (1 piece, finely chopped)

*Olive Oil (good splash)


*Slit the chiken breast through, so its not too thick and score

*Combine tandoori paste, hot pepper sauce and coriander powder, marinate onto chicken (leave marinade minimum 20 mins)

*Grill the chicken

*For the new potatoes: heat them up following tin instructions, drain water

*Mix mint sauce with olive oil and pour over new potatoes, mix and mash them all up

*Mix the chilli into olive oil, then pour over new potatoes

*Serve (with a salad and/or gravy)


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