Dear Diary


This week I thought I’ll do a theme week of ‘Nuh as.’

For his english lesson, I made him another story booklet, like I did to Prophet Adam.  He read it well, alhamdulillah and then drew pictures for each page, showing an understanding of the story and pushing his imagination.

For his Maths,  ‘Nuh as’ theme work, @Chatterbox’ did sums of twos, resembling the two by two animals in the story of Nuh (as):

and for his art work, he made a rain maker.  He decorated a plastic drink bottle with tissue paper glued on, and stickers and poured rice instead for the shakey sound:



In the past two weeks, ‘Chatterbox’ has completed his phonics work for ‘m’ ‘n’ ‘o’ and ‘p’.   ‘Chatterbox’ loves doing his poster phonics work, but I am getting pretty bored of it.

Mashallah, ‘Chtterbox’ has advanced in his ‘Kipper’ reading books, and has moved onto almost level 3!

We also went through the story of Adam (as).  I was looking for a good basic story book for it, but subhanallah there arent many basic Islamic reading books around!  So I made him a story booklet of Prophet Adam myself.  Alhamdulillah, he did well in reading it, and he drawed pictures on each page to match the sentence.  This task showed he understood the story.


Salam, looks like the target of weekly updates is not reasonable either.  Thing im finding hard, in updating the blog, is the picture uploading.  Can’t seem to find time for it, where kids wont disturb me, as the computer takes long in uploading etc. Khair! Here is the update for the past two weeks….  :s

Although its quite a wet Spring than usual, I decided it was time to introduce it to ‘Chatterbox. ‘ First we discussed about it, then ‘Chatterbox’ made a poster for it, where he did hand painting for the actual tree and finger painting for the leaves.

In relation to it, I also introduced him to days of the week, he knows some of them, but in jumbled order and I made him make an attempt at writing afew.

Apart from all that, have been doing reading with him, adding etc.  And, he also completed the phonic work for ‘j’ ‘k’ and ‘l’.


Although its been everyones school holidays, I carried on as normal, in regards to ‘Chatterboxes’ schooling. This past week or so ‘Chatterbox’ completed his phonic work for letters: ‘E, F, G, H and I.’

I dont do this everyday, but rather every couple of days, so that he dont get bored. Although he does enjoy it. Have been emphasizing on his reading alot and teaching new small words, alhamdulillah he has learnt how to read another batch of six easy words.

Also introduced ‘Healthy Eating’, where as a intro, ‘Chatterbox’ made a poster of fruit and veg.

Maths wise, have been encouraging addition, counting etc through play. And he did a worksheet of where he had to find certain items and colour a chart in for it.


Its been a while since have logged on here. Was busy enjoying the sunny days. Now that it’s over im back on! I’ve decided I’ll be making weekly logs onto here, rather than daily inshallah.

So I’ll give this weeks update, at the end of the week inshallah.

Thats all for now! x


Alhamdulillah, been sticking to my weekly plan. I have to admit it does allow everything in the day to run more smoothly. This week, ‘Chatterbox’ has been doing the continuation of ‘letter a day-phonics’ work. Have also started the Kipper books reading with him and they are real good! Not only are the story books, excellent for begginers, but they also come with a activity/parent book, which works brilliantly!

Over the weekend, although its school free day, I made ‘Chatterbox’ copy of the words, he has learnt to read.


We were out of town, for one day, so instead of taking his learning materials with me, all I did on the journey etc was play ‘I Spy’. ‘Chatterbox’ had to look for things out the window with an ‘aa’ sound, then ‘ba’ sound etc. To make it a little challenging for him, I tried to get him thinking about what last letter comes in the word.

Maths. Today I introduced him to the ‘add’ and ‘equals’ sign. He hasnt quite got it, but Inshallah Im sure eventualy he will.


All things new, require practices and afew! OK, so today I learnt something new. Was having a stressful day and was behind on ‘chore routine’, so out of frustration, I was shoving worksheets in ‘Chatterboxes’ face. Not a good move! It was just getting me more stressed and ‘Chatterbox’ was just getting less enthusiastic. I guess with everything new whether a buisness, public school or homeschool, you will have days where things dont go to plan. So, from now on my plan is; to make a plan and stick to the plan. I will be making ‘My Kids Homeschool , Weekly Plan’, every weekend! So on Monday Im well prepared, and if things are still a little chaotic, I shall pause, and continue when ready.

The joy of homeschooling! Not everything is written in stone and if your having a bad day, pause! And take a break. Thats one of the many reasons I opened this page, so other people or homeschoolers realise, its OK to have a stumble, dust yourself off and get back up again! Chow for Now! xx


Maths! Introduced ‘Chatterbox’ to an actual maths session today. As it was his first day, he did something light and easy just to set him off. Got number printouts from 1-10, he coloured them in, cut and stick them in order. Will be turning this into a little number booklet, when all finished.

On a seperate note, received my order for the ‘Biff, Chip and Kipper’ book set, along with ‘Spot the Dog’ book set. Looking forward to getting him into those, as I remember in my times, I used to love them!


Its been a while since Ive come here. Whole family had the bug for the past two weeks, so schooling was on a hold. Just re-started today. ‘Chatterbox’ has learnt how to read six basic words! Woohoo! He’s learnt: ‘of, on, no, up, am, in.’ Also, through reading stories he has picked up the words ‘the, can, cake.’ May not seem a big deal to many, but when you have taken the role of a school teacher at home, these small achievements are proud moments. As an outsider never taught this to my child, I did! :D Alhamdulillah


*Yawns* Not much going on today, as Im feeling really tired! Good job ‘Chatterbox” is yet in pre-school stage, where usually most the learning is done through play. Have been doing reading etc though. But cant stop feeling guilty about not being productive enough!


Salam! Its been a couple of months now, since ‘Chatterbox’ homeschooling has started, but am only running up this site now. Alhamdulillah, he has been making good progress since. Within just two weeks of leaving school, ‘Chatterbox’ has learnt all his phonics and how to spell his name etc. I have been emphasizing on his English and Islamic studies the most, rather than Maths etc. So far, ‘Chatterbox’ is exploring words and phonics daily, through reading and poster making of the alphabet and its phonics.  See you soon inshallah! xx


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